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Posted in Janine's blog on Sun, 01/07/2007 - 09:00,

Jon Cruddas has emailed me to thank me for supporting him in Labour's Deputy Leadership election, even though I, erm, didn't.

The thank-you note is copied below. I particularly enjoyed his description of Harriet Harman's "compassion", a view I am sure is shared by the single parents whose benefits she cut.

Having heard yesterday of Cruddas' personal intervention to prevent MPs nominating John McDonnell for Leader despite having promised John support, I am more glad than ever that I did not back him.

Dear friends,

I wanted to write and thank all the people who took part in the deputy leadership election, and especially to thank the people who supported my campaign.

I want to congratulate Harriet Harman, our new deputy leader.

Harriet has impressed and inspired me throughout the campaign with her compassion, command of issues, and commitment to the party. I look forward to working with her.

Our campaign has made a real difference. With the help of hundreds of hard working campaign activists up and down the country, we created a real debate and helped set the agenda for the whole election.

By raising issues like affordable council housing, better protection in the workplace and the need to rebuild the party, it was our campaign that led the way.

And now, under a new leadership, we have a chance to change.

I want to thank the activists of our campaign as well as the more than 75,000 Labour members and trade unionists who placed their confidence in me with their votes.

I have been honoured and humbled by your support. I'm looking forward to carrying on our work to rebuild the party and win the next election for a fourth term.

All the best,

Jon Cruddas MP

The AWL, Labour and the Left

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