Child Trust Fund: Who needs it?

Posted in Janine's blog on Mon, 27/02/2006 - 14:28,

It seems that about a third of parents entitled to set up Child Trust Funds have not done so. While the banks and the government tear their hair out wondering why, they might consider the fact that parents of babies are just a bit busy and just a bit tired.

I finally got mine (or Harrison's, rather) done last month. He will get the money when he is 18, when it will immediately get swallowed up offsetting student debt or subsidising low wages.

So here's an idea ... Abolish university fees, restore student grants, raise the minimum wage for teenagers (and everyone else). Then don't bother with the Child Trust Fund, and stop worrying about low take-up.

Sensible? Obviously, yes. But this government is so obsessed with teaching even babies that paying, borrowing, saving and struggling are a normal part of our 'normal' capitalist system that sensible doesn't come into it.

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