Strikes suspended, but fight must continue

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 20:17,
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Since strikes dates were announced, trains reps and activists have been building for action across the combine. We can't squander the good work already done by letting the suspension of strikes drain our momentum. We need to build our resolve and keep focused on the next strike dates, 24-25 and 26-27 August.

We cannot give the company the impression our dispute is fizzling out. Our demands cannot shift in further talks, and, as negotiations progress, we need any apparent concessions to be laid out clearly in front of members so we can make informed decisions about the direction of the dispute.

Concerns from reps on non-Night Tube lines about the ability to sustain action need to be addressed. The "mood in the depots" is not a fixed. It's down to us to speak to drivers and persuade them that strikes can not only win, but will set a marker as we head into the incoming battles over pensions and cuts.

The members meeting on 2 August should be the start of a series of further meetings in the run up to the next strikes. Reps should continue to produce local bulletins to keep this on the agenda in every single depot.

These strikes are not a last resort, but the way we can win this fight.

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