RMT calls it right on strikes

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 20/07/2021 - 16:21,
Photograph of a London Underground roundel with an LCD reading "Night Tube"

The RMT industrial action over the LU/Aslef plan to scrap the Night Tube driver grade strikes the right balance. A series of dates have been called which will cause serious disruption to London Underground should management not listen to drivers' demands.

The dates 3 and 5 August fall on a Tuesday and Thursday, beginning at noon, so most of a week will be disrupted. This is then repeated three weeks later which means any potential wages lost falls in the next pay packet.

Calling four days of strikes makes the union's intentions, and members' strong feelings, clear. This type of strike, starting at noon, has worked well previously, with confusion amongst managers meaning trains were put away early and the service quick to shut and slow to restart once the strike ended.

With a strike committee set up and plans to distribute weekly updates, along with local reps and activists spreading the word amongst both RMT and many supportive rank-and-file Aslef drivers, this is a dispute that can be won.

If the first week of strikes take place and management are yet to budge, Tubeworker would like to see additional dates added for the future, to show that we are ready to take more than four days of action should it be necessary.

This is a simple dispute. Do you support jobs numbers being cut? Do you want to work more nights and weekends? No? Then we'll see you on the picket lines.

For more info, see the RMT's latest bulletin for drivers here.

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