Cash comes back

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 24/06/2021 - 17:32,
Cash graphic

Cash acceptance will return at stations over the coming weeks.

Overall, this is a good thing - withdrawal of cash acceptance systematically disadvantages poorer passengers, who are less likely to use bank cards, and can lead to increased abuse of staff. Longer term it also threatens jobs, as LU could look to cut CSA numbers if fewer workers are needed for banking, POM servicing, etc.

There are challenges too. CSAs haven't done "ticket office" work for well over a year. No CSA who isn't comfortable to go back into the ticket office right away should face pressure from management or the threat of disciplinary action. Proper refresher training should be provided. There are also safety concerns, as ticket offices/POM suites are often some of the worst ventilated areas on stations, which is a serious virus transmission risk. H&S reps must take a lead in carrying out additional risk assessments and demand action from management to mitigate risks and ensure all work is as safe as possible.

There's useful information from the Hazards Campaign here.

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