Drivers: vote yes for action to win reinstatement for Gary Carney!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 26/05/2021 - 13:52,
Defend Gary Carney

RMT is balloting driver members across LU for industrial action to win reinstatement for unjustly sacked rep Gary “Gash” Carney.

The ballot opens on 28 May and runs until 29 June. Tubeworker encouragres all RMT driver readers to vote yes, and drivers in Aslef to respect prospective RMT picket lines.

Gary booked off sick after experiencing Covid symptoms. LU accepts that he did this, and correctly followed company procedures in doing so. Nevertheless, he has been sacked for allegedly “avoiding” an unannounced Drugs and Alcohol test... which he was not aware of. This could happen to any of us: we book off sick, or leave work for another reason the company accepts as legitimate, and find ourselves being disciplined for “avoiding” something we didn’t know was happening.

During his disciplinary proceedings, a manager told Gary that he should “know better” as a rep, strongly implying that Gary is being dealt with differently because he is a rep. Whether or not someone is a rep, or otherwise active in the union, should have no bearing on due process - all members of staff have a right to fair treatment under the company’s disciplinary processes.

Drivers at almost all depots on Gary’s line, the Central line, already voted to strike to demand his reinstatement. A planned strike was suspended to allow further talks. With no progress, it’s right that RMT has extended the ballot to all drivers.

Vote yes!

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