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LU likes to pay lip service to its commitment to equalities, but right across the job, local managers are only to keen to pick on disabled workers who they dehumanisingly view as obstacles and drains on resources.

In a variety of locations, especially on stations, we’re hearing reports of disabled workers, who are perfectly able to do their jobs with reasonable adjustments in place, being told the company can no longer “accommodate” or “sustain” them.

The message, more or less explicitly stated depending on the individual manager, is fairly obvious: LU sees disabled workers as a burden and a drain on its budget, and would prefer to replace them with someone who didn’t require workplace adjustments. So much for the company’s commitment to equality

Those of us who are disabled workers ourselves need to organise to defend our rights. For non-disabled workers, wherever our disabled workmates are being picked on this way, we need to fight back - up to and including via industrial action. This is a matter of principle.

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