Northern: New Deal for Drivers Hits the Buffers

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Wed, 09/10/2019 - 17:02,

Rumours reach us that Northern's unpopular New Deal for Drivers (NDfD) is dead. We hope that's true. Time for the Northern drivers' Company Council to get into pay talks, reject the derisory 2.75% offer that the other unions look set to knock back and rejoin the collective bargaining process to help win a better offer via dispute. ASLEF can get better pay for its members the right way, by working with the other unions to win a better settlement. Now is the time to have the pay dispute that we should have followed through in 2014/15.

Once that's done, perhaps reps can pick through the wreckage of the NDfD, pick up the bits of it that were worth having and work with the membership on a harmonisation proposal that's based on levelling-up, without any of the employer's booby traps, loopholes or loose wording.

Harmonisation of terms and conditions and Sundays inside the working week are desirable things but we won't get them by attempting to push them through on the employer's terms. We need to unite behind our own proposals and take the fight to the company.

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