TfL Ambassadors: Don't Undermine Your Colleagues!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 07/12/2016 - 19:59,

As our overtime ban keeps forcing station closures, here's LU's latest wheeze: begging "TfL Ambassadors" (aka "the pink hi-vi brigade") who hold limited stations licenses, to work shifts. Scandalously, they're offering them more money than CSAs get paid, including uplifts for night shifts which Night Tube staff don't get.

Our message to TfL or LU office staff considering working these shifts is: don't do it. You're being bribed to undermine other transport workers' industrial action. And why would you want to do your employer a favour at a time when it's making cuts in admin, training, and other office-based grades? If station staff win their dispute to reverse job cuts, it puts pressure on the company to reverse cuts elsewhere. Your interests lie in supporting the station staff dispute, not helping LU beat it.

And our message to the bosses is: nice try. All your desperate attempt to bribe people into scabbing on us will achieve is further highlighting how damaging your cuts are, and how reliant you've become on overtime.

Station staff, stay solid. Back the ban!

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