Conference and beyond - For a Campaigning and Militant Union

Posted in Class Struggle's blog on Sat, 09/03/2019 - 16:58,

The first National Education Union (NEU) conference will take place in Liverpool on 14th – 18th April. The conference will decide the direction and policy of the new union that organise 450,000 workers in schools. It is the fourth largest trade union in the UK. Workers Liberty members are very active and we fight hard to shape the NEU as an effective union for all school workers. Of the 18 sections the conference agenda is divided into 3 have motions written by Workers Liberty members prioritised, at the top, to be discussed. Those three motions, whilst not covering everything we believe, do signpost the direction we want for the union.

The first is for organising and representing support workers, which if passed would commit the union to gaining negotiating rights for support workers and end the undertaking not to recruit support staff. The second is for opposing the anti-union laws which if passed commits the union to organise a vocal and active campaign to abolish all the anti-union, this would include put pressure on the Labour leadership. The final motion written by Workers’ Liberty members demands a ballot of primary school members to organise a boycott of all high-stakes summative testing in primary schools. This would have a huge knock on effect on the curriculum, work-load and the way we treat children.

For a union that organises and represents all school workers, that fights to free itself and our movement from the shackles of the anti-union laws, that is industrially militant and fights to end the abuse of children and our members in the exam factories. We will be continuing this fight up to, in and after conference in Liverpool.

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