Cleaners' Cull

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 18/10/2018 - 14:38

ABM, always on the lookout to feather its financial nest, reckons it can carry out the cleaning contract with significantly fewer cleaners than it currently has.

In fact, it plans to cull up to a third of its cleaning staff! Is this some kind of joke, you ask? After all, ABM employs too few cleaners as it is, leaving them over-stretched and hard-pressed to keep our busy and constantly messy Tube system clean. Presumably, it thinks that a bit more whip-cracking will produce the desired results. Of course, their desired results are not clean trains, stations and workplaces, but more profits for their bosses.

If there is one thing worse than working in a low-paid, super-exploited, insecure and unpleasant job, it is losing that job.

If cleaners fight back through the union - and if they get the full and active support of all of us - then we can stop this outrageous jobs cull.

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