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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 01/05/2018 - 11:51,

The deal on pay, terms, and conditions on LU expires in April 2019. We need to get into gear to make sure the next deal is a good one.

Let’s make sure our unions submit the deal in good time, meaning that if strikes become necessary to push our demands (and, let’s face it, they almost certainly will), they can be organised well in advance, with the aim of securing a deal in time for when it’s actually supposed to be implemented.

It’s also vital that the content of the unions’ claims is reflective of what members want. Ideas for demands should be canvassed from the shopfloor, via workplace reps and branch meetings. If our claim is generated in this way, it’s far more likely members will feel ownership over it and want to fight to win its demands.

Tubeworker has a few ideas for possible elements: firstly, we think unions should fight for a one-year, rather than multi-year, deal. Annual deals give us the chance to revisit, and improve, our terms and conditions on an all-grades basis every year, rather than handing the employer a period of peace over the fundamental issues. We also believe that any pay demand should be for a flat-rate increase, rather than a percentage, as it’s only right that lower-paid grades, who are struggling more, should feel more benefit.

We are well-paid compared to many other workers, but we still face steep cost-of-living increases, like everyone else. We should not be embarrassed or apologetic for fighting for a pay rise that reflects that, whatever the Evening Standard is likely to shriek about us.

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