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As Tubeworker has previously reported, it seems that many CSMs across the job are being instructed in how to conduct LDIs by their Area Managers.

Many AMs seem to be training CSMs to treat the process as automatic: breach the attendance standard, an LDI is automatically convened, a 26-week warning is automatically issued. No discretion, no actual investigation into the circumstances, the process is a formality.

It makes a mockery of the appeal stage, which will be heard by these same AMs, if the decision is essentially a product of Area Manager "advice" (read: instruction) in the first place.

Tubeworker encourages CSMs to retain their critical, independent faculties.

Remember that:

  • Even if a member of staff triggers the attendance policy by having two periods of non-attendance in 26 weeks, you do not have to proceed to LDI!. You might decide that the circumstances of the case do not warrant formal disciplinary interview.
  • Once a case is at LDI, the decision is yours, and not the Area Manager's. You do not "have" to issue a warning; if you choose to issue a warning, it does not "have" to be the maximum warning.
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