4-day week? Only for full-timers.

Submitted by Tubeworker on Thu, 19/10/2017 - 09:14

Night Tube drivers are disappointed to see that the opportunity to work a four-day week is only available to drivers who currently work five days. Why not to Night Tubers too?

The issue that prompted the four-day week trial is that some full-time drivers struggle with the demands of a five-day week. But there are Night Tubers who struggle with a five-day week to the extent that they can't even consider doing it.

It is widely acknowledged that many (probably most) Night Tube drivers want to go full-time. But there are some who don't. They can't or won't work five days, but would like to work more than two. It is only fair that the option to work three or four days is open to them too.

Tubeworker has heard that a further trial may follow, allowing Night Tubers to move to a three- or four-day week. While this would be welcome, it wouldn't be the first time that part-timers have been dealt with as a second priority or even an afterthought.

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