TSSA Backs Brown and Hain

Posted in Janine's blog on Thu, 07/06/2007 - 17:07,

How it is that union leaders are so pathetically accommodating to the class enemies who run the Labour Party, but hard as nails in refusing to do their members' bidding?

We have already heard of embarrassing fawning to Brown and the coterie of right-wing no-marks scrabbling to be his deputy from leaders of the T&G, CWU and others.

Now add TSSA to the list - and add to the fawning affront to union democracy. Against the wishes of General Secretary Gerry Doherty, TSSA conference voted that the should only back candidates for the Labour leadership who are committed to public transport and renationalisation. Hurrah. But what did the leadership then do? Yes, they backed Gordon Brown for Leader and Peter Hain for Deputy! Both of them well-known, er, opponents of bringing the railways back into public ownership.

Feathers are flying among outraged rank-and-file members, and quite rightly so.

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