SureStart pulls plug on Hackney Playbus

Posted in Janine's blog on Mon, 06/03/2006 - 15:01,

A letter from me to Queensbridge & Dalston SureStart ...

Withdrawal of funding to Hackney Playbus

I was shocked and disappointed to discover recently that Queensbridge & Dalston SureStart has ceased its funding to the Hackney Playbus.

The Playbus is now no longer able to attend its sessions on Aspland estate, which my young son and his friends enjoyed greatly.

Over the last six years, all three of my kids have benefited from the services of the Playbus. When we have been able to attend it regularly, it has been something that they have looked forward to all week.

The great advantage of the Playbus is that, unlike most children’s services, it can go to where it is needed.

I feel strongly that SureStart should increase its funding to the Playbus to enable it to publicise its sessions more widely and increase attendance, rather than to withdraw that funding.

Please reconsider.


Janine Booth

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