Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 16/02/2017 - 10:49,

The death of passenger Bernard Ovu at Canning Town station is a tragedy, and our thoughts are with his loved ones. But there are also lessons to be learned about staffing of Night Tube stations.
Plenty of stations now run Underground services all night but have areas of the station which close after the last train on non-Night Tube lines or other train operating companies' services - and we have our own non-public areas. What we don't have is enough staff to check all these areas.
So all it takes is for a person a little the worse for wear (as many Night Tube passengers are) to stray into the 'wrong' part of the station and tragedy can strike. Poor Mr Ovu spent up to an hour trying to get out of the stairwell he was trapped in before falling and hitting his head. His body was found seven hours later, on the Sunday morning.
Management may possibly try to find a scapegoat, but the real issue is having closed areas of the station and not enough staff to patrol and check them.

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