New Orleans sacks half its workers

Posted in Janine's blog on Wed, 05/10/2005 - 13:02,

Around three thousand employees are to be made redundant over the next couple of weeks. Would you Adam and Eve it?

A hurricane wrecks the city, so the city does not have enough "income", so it sacks half the people you'd need to rebuild the city! And presumably, nearly all these workers will be residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas, so many will themselves be victims of the hurricane. Talk about adding insult to injury!

And yet, by popular opinion and even their own admission, the state and federal authorities did not do enough to protect New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, and left thousands to fend for themselves. How many of those responsible will find themselves made redundant?!

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster with unnnaturally bad consequences. With these outrageous sackings, workers are once again being made to pay the price for the madness that is capitalist economics.

With half the workforce sacked, who will rebuild New Orleans?

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