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Posted in Janine's blog on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 09:05,

Here (in italics) you will see Respect's entry in a guide to political parties for people with learning disabilities produced by the Disability Rights Coalition. The text was submitted by Respect themselves.

Respect is a political party opposed to war and privatisation. Respect believes that other political parties support big companies that put profit before people’s needs. Respect wants to represent the people who want peace not war. Respect believes in public services not private profit. Respect is opposed to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender and disability.

The working class? Who's that then? No mention. And the 's' word?! Ah no, 'socialism' is so passé, darling. It's only 'peace' we want now, not the reorganisation of society to end the terrible rule of the capitalists. Heaven forbid.

And there's a notable absentee from the list of things on the grounds of which Respect opposes discrimination - yes, it's sexuality ... Are they not against such discrimination? Are they trying to appease homophobes in their ranks or amongst their hoped-for allies? Or do they think that people with learning disabilities wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing? Whichever, it's a disgrace.

Jblog welcomes any attempt at an explanation from Respect supporters.

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