Luke The Nuke Dot Com

Posted in Janine's blog on Thu, 21/09/2006 - 14:45,

Labour Party spotters, Hackney activists and ex-student movement hacks of a certain age will be familiar with a certain Luke Akehurst. Uber-Blairite Luke is one of the few people who is actually ideologically committed to the Blair project, rather than just going along with it for the sake of a career or some defeatist notion that it's the only way to 'win'. (That's the nearest he's going to get to a compliment from me.)

Luke is now Chief Whip of Hackney Labour, busily supporting privatisation, cheerleading the closure of local schools, and banning Labour councillors from replying to Hackney TUC's letter about the East London Line. Charming.

Anyway, to my great delight, Luke has a blog. I immediately thought how easy it would be to do a spoof version, then discovered to my even greater delight that someone has saved me the trouble.

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