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I have reported to blog readers before that I am receiving unsolicited 'spam' email from Jon Cruddas' campaign, who seem to think there is some reason why I might back their man. Me being a principled socialist, there is not.

But just in case I were tempted to back Cruddas, I got another piece of spam today that would put the nail in his careerist coffin. Yes, Ken Livingstone is backing him. You know, that bloke who called on members of my union to scab on strikes.

For your entertainment, here is the missive on behalf of the Unprincipled Right-Wingers Mutual Appreciation Society:

Dear friend,
Today, the Labour party is posting out ballot papers for the Deputy Leadership election. I am writing to you as a fellow Labour party member to explain why I am backing Jon Cruddas.

You can watch a video of my endorsement on the campaign's YouTube channel here.

More than any other candidate, Jon is standing up for party members on the important issues we face.
He's shown real leadership on such issues as poverty and the minimum wage, fighting racism and the BNP and campaigning against Tory cuts to children's free bus travel.
Jon Cruddas has shown he would make an excellent Deputy Leader.
Throughout the early days of his campaign, Jon was called "the underdog", "unknown", and even "unlikely". But through hard campaigning, and by having the right ideas for our party, he is surging.
This weekend, the FT wrote that Jon has "clearly broken through" and that he has tapped an "appetite in the Labour rank-and-file to see a stronger voice for ordinary members"
But now, Jon needs us all to help him make the case for change. Find out how you can help Jon now:
Jon Cruddas has a wide range of experience working behind the scenes on building our party. He has the ideas and the knowledge to get our party ready to take on and beat Cameron's Tories at the next general election.
He has been ready to speak out for ordinary party members on the key issues. He did this recently by opposing the decision to renew Britain's nuclear weapons systems, speaking passionately in opposition to renewing Trident and voting against it in Parliament.
He's promised to be a full-time Deputy Leader, turning down the post of Deputy Prime Minister so he can focus on the party. I agree with him that the Deputy Leader should prioritise rebuilding the Labour party as a strong campaigning organisation with active members up and down the country.
Jon Cruddas has impressed me with his thoughtfulness and tenacity and I very much hope that Labour members will back him. Please give him your vote when you fill in your ballot papers.
Yours sincerely,
Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

The AWL, Labour and the Left

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