Jam Tomorrow?

Posted in Janine's blog on Sat, 04/02/2006 - 11:29,

I’m rarely slow to knock the Guardian when it publishes nonsense, otherwise known as stuff I disagree with.

So let me now praise it for this fantastic article in yesterday’s paper about Paul Weller and the Jam. The bloke who wrote it really knows what he is on about. Crucially, it is not a factual review of Weller’s career, his music or even his clothes, it is an article about what it was to be a Jam fan. Rather like something I wrote a few years back. Hey, this band put me on the road to becoming a socialist.

Mind you, the same edition of the Guardian reminds us of the pop establishment that we Jam fans railed against – and which railed against us - with this bollocks about the demise of Smash Hits.

Oh, and in case anyone starts to think that I spend too much time reading the Guardian, let it be known that I only buy it on a Saturday, and my partner brought home yesterday’s edition after finding it on a train seat and spotting the article about Weller. Honestly.

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