It's official: the rich live longer

Posted in Janine's blog on Thu, 22/09/2005 - 11:37,

According to today's Metro, a new study has found that "people in wealthy neighbourhoods live five-and-a-half years longer than poorer people just streets away". Researchers from 'data solutions' firm Experian studied hospital records in Huddersfield over a three-year period, and came to the conclusion that residents of "posh areas" have an average life expectancy of 80.7 years, but those from poor areas only 75.2.

This probably doesn't come as a great surprise, but it is yet more proof that the class divide affects length, as well as quality, of life. It will also not surprise you that the same study reckons that if health provision for poorer people (the term 'working class' appears to hve been surgically removed from the report) were improved, then they might live longer.

What really gets my goat is that while all this is going on, the government and their 'experts' are telling us that there is a 'pensions timebomb' because we are all living too long! Plainly, it is the rich who are living too long, so any attacks on pensions should be aimed at them, not at working-class people.

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