Fiddler on the Roof?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 22/02/2016 - 21:28

The Central Line is well and truly up the wall tonight after a chunk of tunnel roof collapsed onto the westbound track at Shepherd's Bush.

It appears that contractors extending the commercial empire of the Westfield Shopping Centre above managed to drill a hole so big that you could get a good look at the track from the newly-appeared viewing hole in the building site above, and there was a risk of even more debris falling through and joining the concrete lump that had already crashed onto the track.

Management initially told us that the line would be closed for the rest of today and into tomorrow while the hole was closed and the structural integrity of the tunnel confirmed. But they have managed to get the service running again, albeit with severe delays. That's either quality and swift repair work or reopening in a rush. We hope it's the former.

It wouldn't be the first time such things had not been dealt with properly. And management have questions to answer about how builders were allowed to get even close to drilling a hole through our tunnel roof. We were lucky there was no damage, injury or worse.

The question remains as to whether the big businesses that make millions out of Westfield shoppers will foot the bill. In Tory Britain, big business seems to get away with not paying its bills most of the time.

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