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I am right in the thick of this at the moment so a blow by blow account will have to wait. I hope it makes sense.

On East Midlands Trains (EMT) drivers do not have to work Sundays. The deal is a change to our terms and conditions so that we have to work a fixed number of Sundays in the year which will transition to having Sundays within a 4 day working week in 2019. The conflict within ASLEF is about who gets to decide whether the deal is accepted. As it stands at the moment ASLEF's EC accepted the deal for us and then gave us a choice of opting in or out.

The bulletins for drivers (with the exception of the first one (produced on 2 June) which is more of an overview for people who aren't drivers on EMT) as listed, were produced on 11 May 2016, 19 May 2016, 22 May 2016 and 25 May.

The branch meeting of Nottingham ASLEF mentioned in the 'Sunday working q and a' pdf was held on the 5th of May.

ASLEF's 2016 AAD ran from the 8-13 May. The emergency motion to the AAD, mentioned in the '3 Facebook posts' pdf, was taken on Friday 13th May (4 day 156 RD no referendum if voluntary).

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