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Johnson postures over driverless trains

Driverless trains, every union-hating Tory's favourite imagined panacea, are back in the news again.

Weeks after LU made a commitment to unions that the new stock on the Piccadilly Line, the next line to be refurbished, would have drivers' cabs fitted, the Prime Minister suggested in an interview...

Headcount Review?

Word reaches Tubeworker HQ that a manager in Stations Structural Maintenance has been appointed to conduct a "headcount review" of the entire department.

Is this is a taste of things to come across the combine? No doubt Tory-appointed auditors KPMG will be recommending similar reviews elsewhere....

Charter checklist

The RMT's "Covid-19 Charter" is a useful document, collating the main demands for additional safety measures and policies the union has been pressing for across LU throughout the pandemic.

We need to be prepared to take action around it. That means using the charter like a checklist, ticking off...

Ceiling trouble

Staff and passengers got a shock at Hainult on Tuesday 30 June when a large number of ceiling tiles suddenly fell out and smashed. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

Union safety reps are on the case, pressuring management to ensure a full and thorough investigation into how this happened.

With LU...

Cabs for the Picc

LU has agreed that the new stock on the Picc, due sometime in the mid-2020s, will have drivers' cabs on the trains.

The company's original plans for the upgrade suggested the new stock might be driverless. The announcement is therefore extremely welcome. Unions need to keep the pressure up to...

Stop the SSP job cuts!

SSP Group the company that owns brands like Upper Crust and Cafe Ritazza as well as operating Burger Kings and over outlets in many stations is set to cut 5,000 jobs.

The coming onslaught on jobs is going to affect the entire industry and not just the frontline rail operational staff.


Halting the Job Cuts Express

We know that job cuts are coming, thundering down the track towards us like a runaway freight train, loaded with attacks on our pay, conditions and pensions as well.

Wabtec has already announced job cuts at its Doncaster site, Heathrow Express is threatening to cut over a hundred posts, and we...

New Masks with Unreasonable Asks

Management have a stack of new masks on order for us, which claim to offer more protection than the current ones.

But in the circular announcing said masks is an onerous - and clearly discriminatory - statement about said masks. The circular declares that the comapny "will require all of our...

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