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Sleeper strike going strong

Workers on the Caledonian Sleeper, operated by Serco, are continuing an 11-day strike for improved pay and conditions. Nightly pickets are well supported, and link up with each other via Zoom. We spoke to a striker in Glasgow:

Support for the strike in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland is...

Resist rail job cuts and pay freeze!

The commencement of talks under the aegis of the "Rail Industry Recovery Group" (RIRG), a body convened by the Department for Transport including Network Rail and the Train Operating Committees, has prompted a somewhat varying set of reports.

The Guardian would have us believe that the talks are...

Combat sexual harassment in schools through democracy

The Department for Education has promised more support for schools to tackle sexual abuse and has strengthened safeguarding guidance. This was in response to a review by Ofsted that concluded that sexual harassment has become “normalised” for young people, in school.

Pimlico Academy: near a tipping point

On 8 June, National Education Union (NEU) members at Pimlico Academy (London) held their first strike day. A sunny Tuesday morning saw a strong turnout from members, with the picket line stretching all the way down the road. Workers carried placards with slogans including: “kick racism out of school...

EMR guards to strike throughout the summer

Guards on East Midlands Railway will strike every Sunday from 27 June to 15 August.

Guards in RMT are resisting the imposition of worse contracts, and previously struck in May.

Click here for our previous coverage of the dispute.

Strike on Tyne and Wear!

Workers in both RMT and Unite on the Tyne and Wear Metro will strike from 28-30 June and 1-4 July, with an overtime ban commencing from 5 July.

An RMT statement says: "Last year the cash-rich Stadler outfit secured a £300 million contract to build 42 new Metro trains, rebuild the Gosforth depot...

New ABM hi-vis? We want LU ones!

Cleaning contractor ABM has unveiled a new yellow hi-vis vest as part of cleaners' uniforms.

The printing and graphics are bit toned down than the previous one, but the bright colour still ensures cleaners are often some of the most visible staff around, especially in stations, meaning cleaners...

Caledonian Sleeper Strikes Again

Workers on the Caledonian Sleeper will stage an eleven-day strike from 15 June against the company's threat to impose a pay freeze. With the employer already showing scant regard for staff welfare, the refusal to increase pay during these difficult times adds insult to injury. It is little wonder...

Reject "catch up" blather: fight school cuts!

On 2 June the government announced a £1.4bn “Covid Catch-up” programme for pupils and students, to cover up to six million sets of 15-hour tutoring courses for disadvantaged pupils and expansion of an existing fund for helping 16- to 19-year-olds with subjects such as English and maths.


Heavy-handed policing

Suicide prevention situations are often very tricky - but as a recent incident at Wood Green shows, heavy-handed policing does not help.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. A passenger had made it known that they wanted to end their life, and staff and bystanders went into...

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