A programme to beat the racists

Submitted by AWL on 23 March, 2006 - 4:19

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty fights for the following programme among socialists and activists in the trade unions, the Labour Party and the Socialist Alliances.

We advocate they fight against capitalism and for a workers’ government. Only by providing positive working-class solutions to the racism and poverty which capitalism breeds can the labour movement unite workers regardless of race and stop the fascists’ attempts to scapegoat black people, asylum-seekers and others.

Socialists must be part of the basic organisations of the working class, the trade unions, and help turn them outwards to campaign on the streets and the estates.

* A decent home for everyone! Stop the sell-off of council housing; government money should enable councils to undertake a programme of compulsory purchase of empty properties, renovation, and house-building, to create new homes at affordable rents, for all who needs them.

* Jobs for all! Cut the working week to 35 hours without loss of pay; create useful jobs by restoring and expanding public services; provide training and re-training at union rates of pay.

* Restore and extend the National Health Service and the welfare state.

* Jobs, training or education for all young people, with union rates of pay or an adequate grant.

* Free secular state education — from nursery to university — for all.

* To pay for this: tax the rich and the big corporations, cut arms spending, take control of the banks and financial institutions.

* Defend and extend civil liberties; scrap the anti-trade union laws; fight to make the police accountable to elected local committees; fight to replace the bureaucratic, hierarchical capitalist state by a government based on accountability and workers’ control.

* Scrap the immigration laws! No more deportations!

* Fight for real equality in employment and housing. The allocation of council housing should be on the basis of need, not race under the disguise of a “sons and daughters” policy; special training programmes should ensure real equality in employment for ethnic minorities.

* Equality in the labour movement. No toleration for racist prejudice; union campaigns to recruit and integrate ethnic minority workers.

* Labour movement support for black communities’ self-defence; united black and white workers’ defence squads to beat back the fascists.

The labour movement must stand up and fight! That is the only way to beat the bosses and the racists. If you agree with our ideas and what to help fight for them in the labour movement, join the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

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