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Minnie Lansbury — a different sort of Labour councillorMatthewWed, 28/02/2018 - 12:35

A meeting organised by Lewisham Workers’ Liberty Wednesday 28 March, 7.30 Amersham Arms, New Cross.

Minnie Lansbury was only 32 when she died in 1922, but she had a full and inspiring life.

She was one of the Poplar Labour councillors who carried out extensive reforms in the interests of the borough’s working class and, when the council began to struggle financially, led a mass campaign for poor boroughs to receive more funding.

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Socialists against New LabourAnonSat, 13/06/2009 - 09:35

On 6-7 June members of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty were on the streets of south east London campaigning for our candidate in the next general election. Jill Mountford will be standing against New Labour’s Harriet Harman in Camberwell and Peckham.

Comrades and supporters ran stalls, leafleted, sold our paper, and canvassed the area around Camberwell. Like many inner London neighbourhoods, Camberwell has some well-off residents, but the big majority are working class. Canvassing and discussing on street corners is a very useful, interesting experience.

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Contact AWL branchesPeteSun, 23/04/2006 - 21:08

If you want to find out what the AWL is doing in your area or ask the AWL to help your campaign, you can contact AWL local organisers using the email links here.

The email addresses need an obvious minor edit. If you have trouble getting in touch, email our office at

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