Working-class Politics and Anarchism


Book Cover "Working-Class Politics and Anarchism: A Workers Liberty Pamphlet" in white text over a patterned background. Below the anarchist "A" in red on a white background.
Workers' Liberty and Anarchist activists
Short book
140 pages

How do the revolutionary anticapitalist traditions of Marxism and of anarchism differ, and how do they overlap? Articles, debates, and other exchanges between members of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and writers and activists from different strands of anarchism — on theory, history, and strategies of building anti-capitalist resistance.


How do the revolutionary anti-capitalist traditions of Marxism and anarchism relate to each other? What are the differences, and commonalities? This book brings together articles and debates between Workers' Liberty activists and various anarchist writers, on theory, history and strategies of building anti-capitalist resistance.

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