gang of seven

Gang of Seven, Brexit and antisemitism

The seven have picked up on real issues. But mainly they see themselves as “the professionals” in politics. Principles to them are secondary. They want jobs in politics. And the job market within Labour does not look good for them with new parliamentary selections.

2017 election results in London

London Labour blocks anti-Brexit motions

Motions on Brexit have been excluded from the order paper for the upcoming London Labour Party conference (2-3 March)

irish nurses

Irish nurses to ballot on offer

Three day strike of Irish nurses stopped after widespread solidarity.

Exam hall

Union should fight to abolish GCSEs

The shame is that, even though secondary school teachers' work is so dominated and warped by the exam boards, the main school workers' union, the NEU, conducts no campaign even for the abolition of GCSE.

Brexit means Brexit

For Labour! Against Brexit!

No one much likes Theresa May’s Brexit deal. There is no prospect of it being changed substantially over the next few weeks. The best the government seems to hope for is that at the last minute the threat of a crash-out “no-deal” Brexit will swing enough MPs to vote, reluctantly, for a cosmetically-modified version of the 29 January formula.


More greenwashing than green

On 7 February, bosses at the Drax power plant, near Selby in North Yorkshire, announced they had started using “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) to remove carbon dioxide from the plant’s emissions.

civil war

The historians and the Bolsheviks

Orlando Figes and Robert Service fail to see the Bolsheviks’ actions in the civil war and 1921 as those of revolutionaries desperately trying to maintain their revolutionary bridgehead until the workers in the West can make their own revolutions. Of revolutionaries concerned that if they slacken or weaken, then the result will be brutal, rolling counter-revolution

South Western Railway

Another win for rail workers

Workers on South Western Railway (SWR) have struck another huge blow against 'Driver Only Operation', winning an agreement that a safety-critical guard will be retained on all SWR services.

No blindfold Brexit

Brexit's never-ending nonsense

"Face up to the reality that we need at least a year in which to give the public the final say on which option Britain wants to go for", says Alan Simpson

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