Remain and rebel

Workers' Liberty placards for the 20 October Brexit demonstration

Join us on the 20 October anti-Brexit march, calling for free movement and labour-movement solidarity across Europe.

Left Against Brexit

Leaflet for the 20 October 2018 "People's Vote" march from some local Left Against Brexit groups

Leaflet sponsored by the Nottingham and Sheffield Left Against Brexit groups, for the 20 October 2018 "March for a People's Vote"

Workers' Guide to Ireland

A Workers' Guide to Ireland

An illustrated history of Ireland, from the Viking invasions to 1993, by Sean Matgamna. On 9 November 2018, 7:30 at the London Welsh Centre, 157-163 Grays Inn Rd WC1X 8UE, Sean Matgamna will debate Rayner Lysaght, author of "The Republic of Ireland" and many other books, on the perspectives of Irish politics.

Arash Sadeghi

Save Arash Sadeghi!

Arash Sadeghi, a jailed university student activist, is suffering from cancer in prison in Iran. The authorities in Iran have deliberately deprived Arash of receiving specialised medical care and have sentenced him to ‘silent execution’.


In Defence of Bolshevism

Max Shachtman's Under the Banner of Marxism, which is the central part of this book, deserves to be considered one of the classic polemics of the Marxist movement. With that and other texts, the book discusses how corrupted versions of "Bolshevism" have become current, and what we can learn today the real tradition of Bolshevism. Order online here.

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 482

Issue 482 — 17 October 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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