Zionists control Wall St

Momentum's video on antisemitism

Momentum has produced a video on antisemitism. That's good. But there’s quite a bit in it to query...


Brazil: time to regroup

Bolsonaro is trying to lay some ground with his allies in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies before he takes power on 1 January. A Brazilian socialist argues the broad left must get off the back foot.

nus votes

NUS: open the books!

What the NUS (National Union of Students) leaders say about its financial crisis makes no sense. So why is NUS making "savings" by cutting back on its democracy?

Corbyn and Europe

Labour can stop Brexit

On 9 November Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told the German news magazine Der Spiegel that “we can’t stop Brexit”. But Labour can.

Index of banned books

University tags "dangerous" writings of Norman Geras

"A friend has assigned one of Norman Geras's essays (Our Morals: The Ethics of Revolution) for his undergraduate course, and as a consequence all the students have to fill in a special form, in accordance with the university's implementation of the Government's 'Prevent' policy."

trump free us

US midterms show strengths and limits of DSA candidates

The US midterms should give socialists confidence that, even in the age of Trump, unashamedly left-wing demands can make significant headway

PCS picket

Left challenge to PCS leaders

Independent Left in the civil service union PCS are nominating John Moloney in the forthcoming election for Assistant General Secretary.

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