Fight ban on the “unskilled”

The Immigration Bill currently going through Parliament is a racist charter for exploitative bosses, ensuring that lower-waged migrant workers are trapped in precarity and less able to settle, integrate and organise in the trade union movement.


After Christchurch, organise against far right

While now is certainly a time for tears and compassion for the victims of the fascist terror attack in Christchurch, this mass response also provides the basis for attracting many more people into anti-fascist activism.

student strike

Students go for system change, not climate change

A million and a half students in over 120 countries struck on Friday 15 March to demand that their governments start emergency action on climate change.


Socialists Oppose Brexit: Workers’ unity! Bring down borders!

Labour for a Socialist Europe is fighting to swing Labour against Brexit, and, if we can’t swing the whole party machine, to establish a clear anti-Brexit voice within the Labour campaign.


Children’s centres fight seeks link-up

The campaign to save the children’s centres in Lambeth, south London, continues despite the Labour council’s vote to go ahead with closures.


George Orwell: documenting the Spanish civil war

Orwell’s writings on the Spanish Revolution and civil war remain of great value to socialists. This article documents why.
Radical readers in Space, an online book club, will be discussing Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia on Thursday 28 March. More details here.


VIDEO: An introduction to '1919: strikes, struggles and soviets'

An introduction to our pamphlet, '1919: strikes, struggles and soviets'.


The ship that turned away

Alan Simpson calls for a clear stance from Labour for a final say on Brexit... and for planting more trees and flowers.

Remain and rebel

Remain and rebel: a socialist manifesto for Europe

A new pamphlet from Workers' Liberty summarises our arguments on Brexit, Europe, international solidarity, free movement, immigration, and how to build socialist politics cross-borders.


Ideas for Freedom 2019

Workers' Liberty summer school 20-23 June 2019. Advanced earlybird tickets now available. Early information about some of the sessions.

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Issue 499 — 20 March 2019

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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