Remain and rebel

Jeremy Corbyn: now back a public vote!

After the Tory government's defeat on its withdrawal deal in Parliament on 15 January 2019, Labour must get off the fence.

Labour for a Socialist Europe

Labour must get off the fence!

A new Labour stop-Brexit campaign mobilised outside Parliament on 15 January. After 15 January it will be fighting to push Labour off the fence and into backing a "People's Vote" and a vote to Remain. It will seek cooperation and unity with other anti-Brexit efforts in the Labour Party.

Rosa Luxemburg

The Rosa Luxemburg I met as a student

Antoinette Konikow, who was expelled from the Communist Party in 1928 for being a Trotskyist, and remained active as such until her death in 1946, describes Rosa Luxemburg, with whom she studied in Zurich.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of Stalinism in Eastern Europe — Workers' Liberty 3/25

The story of the revolutions of 1989. Includes: Why Stalin's system collapsed, Eastern Europe after the revolutions, Why the workers wanted to restore capitalism and Trotsky on Stalinism.

Rosa Luxemburg

Luxemburg, economics, crises, and the national question

Reflections on the two volumes published so far of Rosa Luxemburg's Complete Works.

brexit march

Open letter to Corbyn: fight Brexit!

Opposing the bourgeois unification of Europe, rather than seeking to reshape it, was always nonsense. Britain’s decision to withdraw is a tragic nonsense. It is still possible for Labour to avert it.

gilets jaunes

Two months of “Gilets Jaunes”

The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protests in France began in the autumn, against a hike in fuel tax that would have hurt millions of workers and self¬employed people who rely on motor transport for their work, and saw tens of thousands setting up roadblocks at roundabouts.

Blue Labour

The Morning Star resurrects “Blue Labour”

Like so many petty-bourgeois (and big bourgeois) would-be “socialists”, Maurice Glasman is the worst kind of workerist: one who believes than an undifferentiated working class “culture” involves backward attitudes towards women, immigrants and (no doubt) various minority groups. He ignores the fact that the vast majority of trade unionists and class-conscious workers oppose Brexit, are not racists, and support women’s rights.

Red London on Stalin

Red London, in their own words

A downloadable briefing about the ultra-Stalinist Red London Facebook page/group.

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 491

Issue 491 — 16 January 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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Workers' Liberty Magazine

Workers' Liberty magazine

Volume 3, from 2005 onwards

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