In Defence of Bolshevism

Max Shachtman's Under the Banner of Marxism, which is the central part of this book, deserves to be considered one of the classic polemics of the Marxist movement. With that and other texts, the book discusses how corrupted versions of "Bolshevism" have become current, and what we can learn today the real tradition of Bolshevism. Order online here.

LP conference

Left bulletins at Labour Party conference 2018

From Labour Party conference, 22-26 September 2018, the daily left bulletins, from The Clarion and Yellow Pages

Labour Party meeting

Where are the young ones?

Above: a Labour meeting. It's good to see older activists coming back into circulation. But where are the young people who are the overwhelming base of Corbyn-Labour's support in society? More Labour members (29%) are over 65 than are under 44 (28%).

Marx, Lenin and Hezbollah

Debate and background on left antisemitism

A collection of articles, new and old.

UCU strike

Build a new student activism!

Over 70 student activists attended the Student Activist Weekender on 7-9 September, coming from campuses across the country to London for a weekend of education, organisation and establishing collaboration.

Solidarity Newspaper

Solidarity 479

Issue 479 — 19 September 2018

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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Workers' Liberty Magazine

Workers' Liberty magazine

Volume 3, from 2005 onwards

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