Gilets jaunes

Reports and views on the "gilets jaunes"

From Yves Coleman (Ni Patrie, Ni Frontieres), Arguments pour la Lutte Sociale, L'Etincelle, and Lutte Ouvrière, plus an article from Le Monde

pcs happier days

Bust up in PCS Left Unity shows it's time for a new start

PCS’s dominant Left Unity faction has divided into two warring camps, each backing a different member of the current leadership to be their AGS candidate.


Coal, gas, and the GMB

The GMB’s press office has "spun" a new report on energy policy inaccurately, saying “coal and gas power stations are needed”.


Unite members protest for free movement

Activists in the Unite union protest against general secretary Len McCluskey’s reported comments against immigration.

love corbyn hate brexit

Labour Against Brexit

Labour should campaign for an early general election, and an incoming Labour government to hold a “people’s vote” to abandon Brexit.

Theresa May

Tories out, Brexit out!

Brexit is bad in all versions. Lowering of borders and economic integration are steps forward even in the bureaucratic and neoliberal form of the current EU.

student worker solidarity

NUS crisis: no confidence!

The launch meetings of the Student Left Network and Socialist Feminist Campus Collective on 17-18 November decided to campaign for a vote of no confidence in National Union of Student President Shakira Martin.


The crisis of Scottish Labour

Current opinion polls - despite showing Labour doing relatively well in England and Wales - suggest that Scottish Labour is on course to lose all the Westminster seats which it gained in 2017 and to be reduced to a rump of just one MP again.

A “Remain and Rebel: For a socialist Europe” placard.

A cross-class Remain campaign would be a compromise of principle

Socialists must insist on working-class independence.

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