Socialists and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: a dialogue

Mark Osborn

Last week AWL activists leafleted SWP meetings to try to engage SWP members over their organisations support for a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian presidential elections.

Generally we found SWP members unwilling even to take our leaflet, never mind read it and discuss. If a debate had actually taken place it might have looked like this.

Egypt: vote Muslim Brotherhood?

Clive Bradley

On the face of it, there is some force to the SWP line that voting for the Freedom and Justice Party — the Muslim Brotherhood — in the final round of the Egyptian presidential election is preferable to allowing Ahmed Shafiq, the candidate of the old Mubarak regime, to win (Phil Marfleet, Socialist Worker 2 June).

The Egyptian Revolution: one year on ... what next?

16 February, 2012 - 19:30 - 21:00

International Community Centre, Mansfield Road, Nottingham


Nottingham socialist Pete Radcliff will give a report back from his recent visit to Cairo and introduce a discussion on 'what next?' for the Egyptian revolution.