The Fate of Boris Yeltsin

By Sean Matgamna

"The revolution... made its first steps toward victory under the belly of a Cossack’s horse", wrote Leon Trotsky, describing the start of the Russian Revolution of February 1917.

The end of the USSR: in the beginning was the critique of capitalism

Sean Matgamna

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[Editorial introduction to the symposium, WL16]

The Russian socialist revolution is dead? It died long ago!

It died not in December 1991, when the USSR formally ceased to exist, nor in August 1991, when the failure of the attempted coup finally broke the back of what power the "Communist Party" had left.

It died more than six decades earlier, when Stalin led the state bureaucracy he personified to the final defeat of the working class and the destruction of the working-class communists led by Trotsky.