No tears for Bashir

Cathy Nugent

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has issued a warrant to arrest the Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir. He has been indicted for war crimes, but not for genocide.

For sure, behind the legal process lie the political interests of the big western powers. After effectively tolerating Bashir for many years, they now want to see the back of him. But it does not at all follow that socialists should oppose these moves (whether the ICC succeeds in arresting Bashir or not).

What if “teddy” teacher were Sudanese?

Rosalind Robson

Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who was locked up by the Sudanese authorities for allowing her class to call a teddy bear Muhammad, said of her experience: “The Sudanese people I found to be extremely kind and generous and until this happened I only had a good experience.”

Peace in Darfur?

By Rosalind Robson

More than four years since the war in Darfur began and not much less time since a massive international campaign called for them, the UN has agreed to send “peacekeeping” troops to Sudan. The deployment coincides with an agreement between all but one of Darfur’s opposition groups, to jointly seek peace talks with the Sudanese government.