Workers' Liberty 30, April 1996

The cultural front

Submitted by cathy n on 22 August, 2014 - 6:48

Mandelson taking money for old rope :: Elaine Jones Reviews 'The Blair Revolution'.
Revolutionary first :: Pablo Velasco reviews 'The Collected Works of John Reed'
More than bourgeois gold-digging :: Helen Rate reviews Emma Thompson's film of 'Sense and Sensibility'.
'The poor middle class' :: Paul McAnaney reviews 'Parsons on Class'

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The monthly survey

Submitted by cathy n on 22 August, 2014 - 5:55

Teachers' union at crossroad (Pat Murphy)
Fighting redundancies in Liverpool (Cate Murphy)
Youth in Britain, never had it so good? (Niall Brown)
Fight for democracy in New Labour (Adie Kemp)
Students must build on the ground (Mick Duncan)
New solutions? No solutions! Bill Davies
The transformations of vegetarians into cannibals and cannibals into profits (Ann Mack)
Mad cows and Mad economics (Colin Foster)
Mad cows and Englishmen (Les Hearn)

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