Women's rights and Feminism

Marxist ideas to turn the tide: fighting for liberation

Janine Booth

The opening plenary of Ideas for Freedom 2013 explored key "Marxist ideas to turn the tide". Unite activist Elaine Jones discussed the idea of a workers' government, Unison shop steward Ed Whitby explained the meaning of "transitional demands" such as the call for the expropriation of the banks, and Greek revolutionary Theodora Polenta shared recent experiences of struggle and workers' control in Greece.

Workers Liberty women's meeting

14 September, 2013 - 12:00 - 16:30

Sheffield - Red Deer pub, 18 Pitt Street, Sheffield, S1 4DD


A meeting for Workers' Liberty women members and sympathisers to discuss current actvity, issues and ideas for the future.

Please comment below to suggest agenda items (we might not get though everything though!). Suggestions so far include:
• follow-up on sexism in the labour movement stuff
• Understanding and thinking what we can learn from student feminist language/organising
• AWL Conference
• Women's Fightback paper/blog

If you have childcare or other support needs, get in touch and we can work out what's best to arrange. If you need to stay over in Sheffield that can also be sorted.

Unfortunately in order to get a free venue we've booked a room (at the Red Deer) that has stairs and no lift. If you have access needs that make this difficult please get in touch and we can discuss how to support you/get another room somewhere else.

More info: women@workersliberty.org or 07883 520 852

Venue information: http://www.red-deer-sheffield.co.uk/