Women's rights and Feminism

Marxism and women's liberation (South London meeting)

20 March, 2013 - 19:00 - 21:00

Richard Hoggart Building, room 138, Goldsmiths University, New Cross


This is one of a series of meetings is being organised by the socialist feminist group Women's Fightback and Workers' Liberty Students to provide spaces to discuss the issues and consider the case for revolutionary socialist feminism. If you're interested in holding a meeting near you or just finding out more please get in touch: women@workersliberty.org or 07883 520 852


In Britain and many other countries there is a tremendous growth of feminist activism. In the past, during the Second Wave Women's Movement for instance, Marxist ideas played an important role in describing and shaping the politics of women's liberation. Not so much today. It is time to renew the link!

Can Marxist class analysis help us understand the roots of, and the reality of, women's oppression today?
What are the connections between class, sexism and other discriminations and oppressions?
Does Marxist analysis reduce all oppression to issues of economics, organisation of work or the politics of labour?
Does feminist politics unite all women? Why have some socialists been indifferent to, or even hostile to, feminism? What is the socialist left's record on women's liberation and how can it be improved?

Join us for this workshop and discussion. Everyone welcome.

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