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What’s really wrong at the BBC


Rosalind Robson

The row over high salaries at the BBC has so far shed very little light on the most pay important inequalities at the company, and more broadly in “the cultural industries”.

The row has centred on the gender gap in pay among the top-paid “talent”. With Chris Evans netting £2 million last year and Claudia Winkleman on “just” £450,000. One of the higher-paid (but not highest-paid) men, Casualty star Tom Chambers, added some more sexist bullshit to the debate by saying men like him had wives and children to feed. Because, of course, women don’t have dependants.

Many of the staff involved in making other people look good barely earn the London Living Wage. Last year, the union BECTU was knocked back by the BBC on its claim for a minimum BBC salary of £20,000. That is a scandal!

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