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Clean up exploitation

The mess of outsourcing on London Underground is allowing cowboy cleaning companies to treat workers like dirt.

LU outsources its cleaning services to giant corporations like Interserve and ISS. Their workers face low pay, bullying and harassment from bosses, invasive biometric fingerprinting technology, and perennial problems with wages being paid late or short. Union activists are singled out for discipline and victimisation.

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Lancaster Gate horror shows risks

The horrific stabbing of a CSA at Lancaster Gate shows some of the risks we’re exposed to at work every day.

Fortunately, the colleague survived the attack. But with management set on bringing lone working into operation on around 55-60% of stations, we’ll be more exposed and more vulnerable.

Safety for staff and passengers means: properly-staffed stations!

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RMT drivers: vote for strikes against abuse of procedures! Justice for Alex!

RMT has begun balloting is driver members across the combine for strikes to protest at the unfair sacking of Northern Line driver Alex McGuigan. Tubeworker urges all our RMT-member T/Op readers to vote yes.

The issue at the heart of the dispute is a simple one. The procedure used to sack Alex was flawed and unfair. After he failed a breathalyser test, Alex’s urine sample was only tested for drugs, when LU’s Drugs & Alcohol Policy clearly states it should have also been tested for alcohol.

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Detrainment Doublespeak

Central Line staff were amused to read a bulletin from the line's management reminding us of the importance of physical detrainment by a member of staff. It seems like only a couple of years ago that it was us telling them how important this was when the company tried to impose the notorious 'flash and dash'.

Industrial action by both RMT and ASLEF on the Bakerloo Line disposed of that idea before it even reached the Central Line. A lesson to us all.

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S Stock: Station Staff Stand In For Technical Shortcomings (Again)

You'd think that the idea of bringing in new train stock would be to help the service run more smoothly. And you'd think that at the design stage, there would be some kind of of measuring or modelling exercise to check that the new stock will, erm, fit the existing infrastructure properly.

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DLR Workers Win Dispute!

UPDATE: This dispute has been won! The strike is therefore called off. See the union press release here.

When Keolis/Amey took over the DLR contract, they thought they could contract out a bunch of the staff and worsen their working conditions.

Wrong! DLR workers have voted by a huge majority in an equally huge turnout for strike action and will go ahead with a 48-hour stoppage later this week if their new employer does not back down.

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Tube Ads Add Insult To Injury

Not content with cutting around 850 jobs and shutting every ticket office on the underground, LUL have also launched a spin campaign which make even Tony Blair nauseous.

The ads include promo for "Travel Information Centres" (which obviously omit to mention that all ticket offices will close), and the claim that staff will be more "visible" (despite being 850 fewer in number).

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Business On Board

'Baby On Board' badges are to be commercially sponsored. Yes, just when you thought it might be possible to do something helpful for passengers just for the sake of it, the commercial vultures swoop. They never miss an opportunity, do they? Not even before you're born.

The badges will now be presented to pregnant women in attractive envelopes. Why, exactly? Doesn't the pregnant passenger just want the badge? Won't the envelope be quickly discarded?

Staff are being turned into leafleters for private companies.

How Many Private Companies Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Tubeworker reeived a report from one of our driver contributors that a heavily-used depot signal was faulty for two days.

The relatively simple fault was that the signal had no white aspect likely due to a blown bulb. The rumour is that, as the signal was on the depot boundary, there was a disagreement between different engineering and maintenance contractors over whose job it was to fix it. So whilst the privateers battle out who needs to take a light bulb out of a box, numerous drivers have to apply extra procedures to enter the depot.

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A Lunch Fit for a Fat Cat

The latest expenses from TfL show an expense from Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy of £450 for a "working lunch".

Tubeworker isn’t suggesting the expense is improper; although we reckon we spend, at most, £5 a day on lunch or dinner whilst at work, so £450 would buy us meals for three months. And our meal break is unpaid, despite needing to eat to have the energy to get through the day and sell our labour back to the boss.

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Training in the Brave New World...

Word reaches Tubeworker HQ that the all-bells-and-whistles "Customer Service Training" that all station staff will be put through (subjected to?) during the course of 2015 is costing LU £4.2 million.

Yes, you read that right folks, our employer is paying a private, external company millions of pounds to train us in how to "let our personalities shine through" and "share what we know" (just two of the platitudes that make up the cringeworthy "Customer Value Proposition" of the Brave New World of Fit for the Future).

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Victory for Vicky

Vicky Hayward has won her reinstatement campaign, after London Underground's senior management overturned the injustice meted out by those in the lower rungs.

Readers will remember that Vicky was sacked over a ridiculous accusation that she had faked an accident at work, with the CDI relying on "evidence" consisting of what managers said they had seen on CCTV footage which was not available for Vicky or her reps to scrutinise. If this sacking had been upheld. None of us would have been safe from being stitched up.

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Are our bosses trying to kill us?

LU has released draft rosters for Archway, Kentish Town, and High Barnet.

It proves what we already suspected: we'll be doing near-constant anti-social shifts. With 900 fewer station staff, fewer of us will be left to provide 24/7 cover across over 260 stations, with disastrous consequences for our health and our lives.

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Fare's Fair?

London Underground's new year fare rises have provoked angry reactions from some of the travelling public.

The pre-publicity mentioned only a "moderate 2.5% increase overall" and "help for part-time workers by reducing the daily pay-as-you-go cap to £10.90 (zones 1-6)".

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Back in November 2013, when London Underground cunningly drowned out the fact that it was closing every ticket office on the network and cutting nearly 1,000 jobs in the media fanfare around its unilateral announcement about 24-hour running, it also announced that Tube staff would be issued with iPads to use at work.

As we all knew, and as the BBC's Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards put it at the time, this could lead to staff being "at stations in outer London on their own at 3am with just an iPad for company".

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POM Upgrade Causes Confusion

Customers are struggling with the new, upgraded POMs.

The instructions are harder to follow, there is too much on each screen, and too many requirements to confirm your choice after you've already made it. Even the font is harder to read than previously!

This is causing quite enough difficulty with the ticket offices still open. If LUL management think this will serve all our customers' ticket-buying needs without a ticket office, then their judgement is not fit for the present, let alone the future.

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Strike Threat Forces Management to Talk Pay Rise

For nearly two years, Waterloo & City line service control staff have been refusing overtime in pursuit of their entirely justified claim for higher pay to reflect the complexity of their work. Nothing doing. Management didn't care.

So they stepped it up. Balloted for strike action. Got a 100% Yes vote. Put on a 48-hour strike.

And guess what? Management came running to ACAS and have now agreed a review which should lead to a pay enhancement.

The lesson is obvious: if we want to win, we must show willing to take action.

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Wot No Part-Timers?

What's happening to part-time staff under Fit for the Future - Stations?!

The preferencing forms have been sent to full-timers only, with preferencing for part-timers still to come at a later date. Part-timers are left wondering whether they will just be fitted into the gaps. Some could end up spending more time travelling than working!

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Merry Brownmas

So, the company is skint, right? So skint it has to make savings in the form of closing every ticket office and cutting nearly 1,000 jobs, right?

Right, but apparently not too skint to send each of us, personally, a Christmas card from top boss Mike Brown.

Tubeworker thinks the money might be better spent elsewhere. Of course, in the new-think propaganda world of LU senior managers this is a lovely gesture; Christmas card in one hand, P45 in the other.

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Interserve cleaners: organise against bullying and exploitation!

As Tubeworker reported on 17 November, RMT is planning to ballot its members working for Interserve on the BCV (Bakerloo, Central,and Victoria Lines) contract for strikes..

The dispute mirrors a dispute involving Interserve cleaners at Waterloo mainline station (for more, see here).

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Survey shows public don't want ticket offices to close

LU has now announced its timetable for the closure of ticket offices throughout 2015. You can view the schedule here.

The company seems determined to streamroller ahead with its closures plan, despite a survey from London TravelWatch, the independent travel watchdog for TfL, clearly showing that passengers don't want ticket offices to close.

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LUL Dismisses Vicky Hayward Appeal - Time For Action!

Vicky Hayward remains sacked after management threw out her Appeal. Once again, managers closed ranks and sided with each other to deny justice to a member of staff. The company's entire "case" against Vicky - such as it is - consists of believing everything that a manager speculates and disbelieving everything that Vicky says.

Vicky has done nothing wrong. She had a accident at work. A local manager decided that she made it up and concocted a biased and incomplete "investigation" to back up his prejudgment.

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Roll Your Sleeves Up

When the cleaning contract for Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines passed from Initial to Interserve, cleaners were left waiting long into winter for their new winter coat with 'Interserve' embazoned across it. Corporate branding was more important than its workforce's comfort.

The long-awaited coats are now here. But Interserve has supplied them in just two sizes: 'medium' and 'extra large'. The 'medium' coat comes down below the knees and your hands are where your elbows should be. You can't use a litter picker to do your job without rolling your sleeves up.

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Strike solid at Morden

RMT reps and activists were feeling rightly chuffed with themselves on the picket line at Morden train crew depot this morning (1 December).

A majority of members of both RMT and ASLEF showed support for the strike for the reinstatement of sacked train driver Alex McGuigan. LU had to run a special service in the morning peak. By late morning, reps estimated around 13 out of 50 drivers had booked on; the car park was no way near as busy as usual.

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Support the Northern Line drivers' strike!

Alex McGuigan, a Northern Line driver at the Mordern depot with 29 years' service, was unjustly sacked by London Underground after he failed a breathalyser test which failed to take his Type-2 diabetes (which can trigger false positives) into account, and after which the company failed to test his urine sample for alcohol (testing it only for drugs, then destroying it).

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Northern Line drivers, Waterloo & City service controllers, Interserve cleaners: prepare to strike!

Northern Line drivers

A strike ballot for RMT driver members at the Morden depot on the Northern Line closes tomorrow (18 November). The strike is to demand reinstatement for Alex McGuigan, a Northern Line driver and RMT member with 29 years' service, who was unfairly sacked after a breathalyser test gave a positive reading but didn't take into account his Type-2 Diabetes or test his urine sample.

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Problems On Machines

Has your station had the new software installed on the POMs?

Has queuing time increased?

Can this be solely down to customers' unfamiliarity with a new system, or is it, in fact, due to the new interface is more confusing and harder to use?

Do the AFMs, because of new cashing up processes, go into "cards only" mode alarmingly quickly, leading to waves of disgruntled customers demanding answers from already-overworked gateline staff?

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