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RMT GS election: vote John Leach!

On Monday 21 July, ballot papers for the RMT General Secretary election started arriving through members' letterboxes. Tubeworker is recommending a #1 vote for John Leach. This is why...


Who else saw the all-staff email from Sir Peter Hendy (he of the salary four times that of the Prime Minister, who our bosses still think is paid too little), thanking us all for the extra hard work we did to deliver the Tour de France in London?

Broken Rail

On 15 June, a broken rail on the Central Line near White City took five hours to detect, wrecking the service all day.

World Cup "Common Sense"

"Businesses hail 'victory for common sense'", the Evening Standard bellows, announcing Transport for London's decision to lay on extra night bus services after England's first World Cup game on Saturday. The Standard claims its "appeal" for the extra transport is what swayed TfL.

Where's Our Bonus?

LU workers have wondered, "where's our bonus?" for weeks. Instead of giving us a straight answer, LU has preferred to play mind games.

Market Research

LU has paid a market research agency to say exactly what it wanted to hear from customers about the new LU uniform: feedback contained all LU’s jargon about making staff more visible, "identifiable",

Not A One Under?

LU has changed its 'customer facing language' guidelines: 'we currently use "person under a train" and instead we will be using "person on the track"'.