Solidarity 158, 10 September 2009

TUC agenda shows need for rank and file movement



The motions on the agenda for the TUC, meeting in Liverpool from 14 to 17 September, show that Britain's trade-union establishment is far from facing up to the battles ahead.

Unemployment is heading towards three million. Cuts in public services will soon be sharper than ever before.

Workers at Vestas, Visteon, Prisme, and Thomas Cook have occupied workplaces to try to save jobs. The Vestas workers have called for nationalisation where a workplace is shut by a private owner. Anti-cuts campaigns are emerging around the country.

The agenda for the TUC on 14-17 September has some good motions on anti-union laws and workers' representation, but is sadly weak on jobs.


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Killing Grandma: How the Democrats Lost Control of Health Care


Barry Finger

In 1954, President Truman called for the creation of a national health insurance fund to be run by the federal government.

If the Republicans are setting the agenda on health care reform, this is not least because Obama's plan gives too much private insurance companies. Truly universal health care is not now on the agenda.


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