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Submitted by AWL on 25 July, 2014 - 8:14

Socialists must support Scottish self-determination (Dale Street)
Labours maundy money (Martin Thomas)
The Fragile Middle East peace (Mike Fenwick)
TUC leaders bow down to Blair
Tories come clean on the welfare state (Jill Mountford)
Northern Ireland: still in stalemate (Jack Cleary)
Bosnia still needs solidarity (Chris Reynolds)

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Job cuts at Npower. Expropriate the energy industry!

Submitted by AWL on 3 December, 2013 - 7:48

Energy giant Npower has said it will make 1,460 staff redundant. Their jobs will be outsourced overseas.

Offices in Stoke, Peterlee, Thornaby in Teesside, and Oldbury in the West Midlands are being shut. Other affected sites are in the north east and Leeds. 540 office workers will be transferred to Capita.

Workers being made redundant are back office workers; the workers being transferred are call centre staff. There may be more redundancies, sell offs and outsourcing, which will effect thousands more staff.

For social ownership of the energy industry! Matthew Tue, 11/19/2013 - 17:41

The National Audit Office has predicted 17 years of above inflation rises in energy bills. 

They conservatively also predict a 18% increase in energy prices in real terms by 2030. They particularly warn of how it will hit the poorest in society.

Berlin reverses privatisation Matthew Tue, 11/19/2013 - 17:38

On 3 November, 600,000 Berliners voted in a referendum to take back the local electricity production and supply into public ownership — 83% of those who voted.

Metronet workers strike on London Underground martin Fri, 08/31/2007 - 11:59

Metronet maintenance workers on the London Underground are scheduled to strike for 72 hours from 18:00 on September 3, and again from 18:00 on September 10 over jobs, transfers and pensions arising out of Metronet's collapse and its being placed in administration. the rail union RMT has also called a demonstration on 4 September, 11:30 to 13:00, at DFT, Marsham St, London SW1, to demand that the Metronet contracts be kept in the public sector.

No water? Say: "We won’t pay!"

Submitted by Anon on 16 July, 2006 - 11:48

BY Gerry Bates

Dick Turpin, the highwayman, rules — OK! Or is it The Joker from the Batman comics, the playful larceny-obsessed lunatic who delights in having his armed gang inflict his fantasy-addled, power-mad pranks on those he robs?

Has London turned into Gotham City? Or has London mysteriously turned into some town in an old B-movie Western, where the robbers have made themselves masters — backed by armed stooge sheriff and a robber-serving town council — to prey on the hard-pressed honest citizens?

Water privatisation = services down the drain Janine Thu, 07/06/2006 - 09:44

by Dave Osler

Water privatisation has had disastrous consequences in many third world countries. It has hardly been a roaring success in Britain, either.

Severn Trent – Britain’s largest water company – was ordered to reimburse overcharged customers to the tune of £42m, after deliberately supplying false information to industry regulator Ofwat so that it could press its case for higher prices.