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Introduction: A watershed for the left AWL Thu, 10/27/2016 - 14:00

Afghanistan’s “Great Saur Revolution”, in April 1978, and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan that flowed from it 20 months later, at Christmas 1979, were two of the most important events of the second half of the 20th century.

Civilisation, backwardness and liberation AWL Thu, 10/27/2016 - 11:27

What is the attitude of Marxists to "backward" and "underdeveloped" countries and peoples who are being assaulted, occupied, or colonised by a more advanced but predatory civilisation?
No-one expressed it so clearly and so forcefully as Leon Trotsky:

Once again on the Weekly Worker's nonsense AWL Fri, 02/14/2014 - 18:17

The Weekly Worker has published a reply to our reply. It is not serious but we want to respond to some of its more ridiculous distortions.

The Weekly Worker defends Socialist Party over domestic violence/sexism row and tells more lies about AWL AWL Thu, 01/16/2014 - 23:58

(The Weekly Worker has replied to this statement; we have replied to their reply here.)

The Weekly Worker, newspaper of the "CPGB", has published an article alleging a Workers' Liberty attempt to cover up incidents of sexual abuse by a student activist (not an AWL member).

A response to Patrick Smith's resignation AWL Fri, 11/01/2013 - 20:21

Instead of contributing to discussion and explaining his differences with the majority of the AWL on questions of Islamism, the definition of Islamophobia, and imperialism, Patrick Smith has decided to resign from the AWL, publishing a resignation letter on the website of the Weekly Worker group.

Two and a half months' debate: socialism or vote-catching? AWL Sat, 09/14/2013 - 21:04

Over the next two and a half months, a fundamental debate will be run among some hundreds of left activists, most of them at present politically homeless and looking for a way forward.

At the founding conference on 30 November of the Left Unity group, the main debate will be between the "Left Party Platform" (LPP), proposed by Kate Hudson and others, and the "Socialist Platform" (SP), proposed by Nick Wrack, Soraya Lawrence, Will McMahon, Chris Strafford, Cat Rylance, and others.

"Brittle, Irrational and Childlike" - Response to Mark Fischer Anon Wed, 04/24/2013 - 19:05

On 4 April the Weekly Worker newspaper published a letter from Weekly
Worker/CPGB full-time organiser Mark Fischer referring to me (but not
mentioning me by name).

The letter referred to a real incident in which I was leafleting
outside my workplace in defence of a Weekly Worker supporter who is
being victimised by our management. When leading Sheffield SWPer
Maxine Bowler appeared and went into the building, I became quite upset.

The CPGB on Vestas: ignorant or sectarian?

Submitted by AWL on 13 August, 2009 - 10:51 Author: Sacha Ismail

The Weekly Worker, published by the so-called "Communist Party of Great Britain" group, generally focuses its coverage obsessively on the activities of the far left. That fact is well known, and proudly defended by the CPGB. When the Weekly Worker does report on events in the class struggle, it is almost always through the lens of the left's involvement, or at least heavily peppered with references to the left.

Open letter to the left from the SWP; and the AWL's reply Anon Wed, 06/10/2009 - 10:24

Open letter to the left from the SWP; and the AWL's reply
An open letter to the left from the Socialist Workers Party

It’s time to create a socialist alternative

Dear comrade,

Labour’s vote collapsed to a historic low in last week’s elections as the right made gains. The Tories under David Cameron are now set to win the next general election.