The anti-imperialism of fools

The Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) has produce a withering attack on the fake “anti-imperialism” of Islamist forces across the globe. An article by Farooq Sulehria contains a sharp rejection of these forces. Although we disagree with the LPP’s views on some other “anti-imperialists” discussed in the article, we welcome their honest and uncompromising stance.

Pakistan: first united sugar workers' union formed

Pakistan’s sugar mill workers founded the first united sugar mill union in May. A convention brought together over 100 delegates to form the Pakistan Sugar Mill Workers’ Federation.
Organising in the industry is difficult. Pakistan’s government is liberalising its economy through reductions in tariffs and other protective measures and the sugar industry will face both foreign investment and competition from imported sugar. The government is also introducing more anti-union laws.

Pakistani Anti-War Committee set up

From Solidarity 3/21, 11 January 2003
At a meeting in December, activists from range of organisations, including the socialist Pakistan Labour Party, decided to set up an Anti War Committee in Pakistan.
The meeting was called partly in response to the domination of the religious fundamentalists in the opposition to American aggression. The same fundamentalists have at one time or another made alliances with US imperialism. The Committee wants to counter support for the fundamentalists.
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Kashmir goes to the polls

By Cathy Nugent

Tensions could rise again between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory of Kashmir, as elections for Kashmir's regional Assembly take place this month.

Four separate polls will be held between 16 September and 8 October. At the beginning of September jihadi-separatist groups killed civilians, police and government in several attacks - these groups are boycotting the elections as they - and other Kashmiri separatists - do not believe Kashmir should be part of the Indian Union. The jihadists are also threatening violence against people who do participate in the elections - although it is difficult to judge how serious the level of intimidation is.

India-Pakistan peace movement launched

War between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory in Kashmir is still a possibility. India has been pressing for Pakistan to act against Kashmiri "militants" - the Pakistani trained and supported Islamic jihadi groups, one of which attacked the Indian Parliament in December 2001. A visit by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld backed up Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf's promise to act against the Islamists. India has now pulled back some of its war ships.

Joint Peace Demonstrations in India and Pakistan

By Farooq Tariq
Responding to a call from the Left parties of Pakistan, the Communist Party of India (ML) Socialist Unity Center of India, CPIML(Red Flag), and CPIML (Unity Initiative) have agreed to organise peace demonstrations on 13th June.
It will be for the first time in the history of Pakistan and Indian Left parties that there will be rallies on the same day and on the same issue across Indian sub continent.

India-Pakistan: no war! Self-determination for Kashmir!

By Cathy Nugent
The threat of war between Pakistan and India over disputed territory in Kashmir has been building since December 2001, when Kashmiri armed fighters attacked the Indian parliament, killing 14 people. At that time Indian government demanded the military government of General Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan act decisively against Kashmiri "terrorists".