"The Pakistani and Indian working class has to act decisively"

From a statement of the Labour Party of Pakistan.
The governments of both India and Pakistan are on a road to disaster. Both countries have gone to war against each other several times in the past. The last limited war was in 1998. The mad politicians of India and military regime of Pakistan were on the same side with the international community during the Afghan American war. Now they both blame each other of harbouring terrorism via armed religious fundamentalists on the question of Kashmir.
They want to take the American road to score their points. War is the only solution, that is the conclusion these mad rulers are drawing.

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Pakistan boycotts Musharraf's referendum

At the end of April General Musharraf, military ruler of Pakistan, organised a referendum to extend his Presidential term for five years. The referendum was claimed to be an overwhelming victory for Musharraf with a claimed 42.8 million "yes" votes and just 0.9 million "no". Farooq Tariq of the Pakistan Labour Party says these figures are radically false and analyses what the referendum means for politics in Pakistan

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Politics in Pakistan - an interview with Farooq Tariq

Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Labour Party of Pakistan, visited London on 25 January and spoke to Faz Velmi from Action for Solidarity about the political situation in Pakistan after the Afghanistan war and the activity and views of the LPP.

Most of the fundamentalists in Pakistan are quite frustrated and bitter by the Taliban's defeat. They saw the Taliban leaders run away from Kabul and Kandahar, and leave the Pakistani and Libyan Taliban to be butchered.

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