40 years after the Sexual Offences Act

By Tom Unterrainer

“Frankly it's an extremely unpleasant Bill and I myself don't like it. It may well be twenty years ahead of public opinion; certainly working-class people in the north jeer at their Members at the weekend and ask them why they're looking after the buggers at Westminster instead of looking after the unemployed at home. It has gone down very badly that the Labour Party should be associated with such a Bill.”

It was popular frontism!

I was disappointed that Solidarity chose to publish Maria Exall’s article “Faith, Homophobia and Human Rights” (Solidarity 3/107). The article reports in a positive light a conference that seems to have been the initiative of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and was a lash up between the Gay Police Association, various religious organisations and some TUC bureaucrats.

We don’t want to march straight

Masculinity, Queers and the Military
By Peter Tatchell
Published by Cassell, £4.99

The campaign for queers in the military mistakenly assumes that all the rights straights have are desirable and that queers should have them too. Instead of being critical of the institutions of hetero society, this assimilationist mentality slavishly worships all things straight.