Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance democrats call for unity conference: 12 March, Birmingham

For the last 15 months, a number of left groups and individual members of the Socialist Alliance (SA) have grouped together under the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform (SADP). Our main aim has been to maintain the SA as a major focus for left unity as part of the process of building a new workers’ socialist party, organisation or network as an alternative to New Labour.

Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform calls conference

From Pete McLaren, Convenor SADP

The Socalist Alliance Democracy Platform has called a conference on 12 March 2005 at the United Services Club, Gough Street, Birmingham.

The Socialist Alliance NEC, under the direction of the SWP leadership, have promised to organise an AGM of the Social ist Alliance on February 5th 2005. The SADP encourage all comrades who can, to attend this AGM of the Socialist Alliance.

Deep freeze for Socialist Alliance

A meeting in London on 6 November 2004 provided the only opportunity since the Socialist Alliance's special conference in March 2004 for SA members to challenge and question the SA Executive which has effectively shut the Alliance down.

The SADP, Liverpool Campaign and RESPECT

There are two major semi-hidden disputes within the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform (SADP). These differences underpin a number of recurring arguments in the SADP around RESPECT; around how we see the SA experience being possibly re-created; and about what our relationship should be with the LRC and the residual left within the Labour Party.

Australian Socialist Alliance: a balance sheet

By Riki Lane and Janet Burstall

The Socialist Alliance (SA) began as an electoral alliance in early 2001 and has developed work in other areas, especially trade unions and anti-war campaigning. In local areas specific campaigns have also been taken up. Membership has grown, but the active membership core has not grown in proportion. The Alliance is changing as an organisation too, with a publication program, and organisational structures to include the affiliates and non-aligned members in Alliance decision making.