La politique en France

L'Etincelle conference report: learning from French Trotskyists Gemma_S Wed, 02/01/2017 - 13:14

On 19-20 November two Workers' Liberty activists attended the annual congress of the small French Trotskyist group L’Etincelle.

L’Etincelle originated in the ‘90s as a faction of ‘Lutte Ouvriere’, a larger Trotskyist organisation that expelled them in 2008. Shortly after it joined the newly founded ‘New Anti-Capitalist Party’. They have a strong work-place orientation. They discussed their own activities and the wider situation, heard international reports, and held elections.

Quelle menace raciste et fasciste dans le contexte actuel en France ? martin Mon, 01/20/2014 - 16:44

Le fait majeur des derniers mois écoulés en France est l'épuisement du crédit apporté à Hollande au moment de son élection en 2012.