Women's oppression, feminism and the left - a book of readings

Submitted by cathy n on 2 March, 2015 - 4:13

"Women's oppression, feminism and the left" is a collection of readings about socialist feminist ideas, other forms of feminism and how women's liberation fits in with socialist politics.

Part 1: Feminist theories today
A: Second wave feminism
B: Liberal and Radical Feminism
C. Anarcha-feminism
D: Socialist feminism
E: Judith Butler
F: Third wave: go global and be intersectional
G: Sex work

Part two: Experiences in the labour movement, on the left
A: Our unions should challenge sexism
B: Beyond the Fragments revisited
C: Working-class women and organising

Plus further reading on Marxist feminism and race and class.

Each part has discussion points so the booklet can easily be used as part of a reading group.

Buy online here for £4 (£1.60 postage)

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