New collection on climate change, capitalism and working-class struggle

Submitted by AWL on 9 March, 2015 - 3:24

Workers' Liberty has produced a new collection of articles and reviews on the fight against dangerous climate change, capitalism and workers' organisation and struggle.

The pamphlet is 45 pages. Contents include:

• The next wave of climate debate: review of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything (2014)
• Climate change, extreme energy and the labour movement (2013)
• Towards an independent working-class climate movement (2011)
• Sharp on technology, soft on capitalism: review of Mark Lynas' The God Species (2011)
• The politics of Climate Camp (2009)
• Marxism, metabolism and ecology: review of John Bellamy Foster's Marx's Ecology (2009)
• William Morris: ecology and the shift to socialism (2009)
• Climate change and Marxist politics (2008)

For workers' climate action costs £3 - £4 including postage. You can buy online here: