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Workers against slavery: the US Civil War, the First International and the British working class

Including postage the pamphlet is £3 waged, £2 unwaged.


Discounts on multiple copies

For workers' climate action: Marxist ecology and climate change. £4 inc. postage

Women's oppression, feminism and the left. £4 + 1.60 postage.

Greece 2012-2014: views and reports from the Greek left. £4 + £1.60 postage

Vestas: how wind-turbine workers became a power. £3.50.

A workers' plan for the crisis. £3.

We Stand For Workers' Liberty. £2.50

Scotland: The past we inherit, the future we build. £4

Solidarity with Iraqi workers. £2

Comrades and Sisters. £1.50

Globalisation: the workers' agenda. Workers' Liberty special issue. £2.50

How do we get left unity? Workers' Liberty special issue. £2.50

How Solidarity Can Change The World. £3.95

In defence of the October Revolution: Kabul and Petrograd. £2.00

The Trade Union Movement, New Labour, and Working-Class Representation. £3.00

Tunnel vision: London Underground's PPP and the fight against it. £3.00

Two nations, two states: socialists and Israel-Palestine. £2.50

We Only Want The Earth: global capitalism and the environmental crisis. £1.50

The Fate of the Russian Revolution, 608 pages, £8.00

The Fate of the Russian Revolution, 608 pages, US $20

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