An Irish Trotskyist Programme for Irish Unity (1948)

Revolutionary Socialist Party

This leaflet was produced by the Irish Trotskyists of the Revolutionary Socialist Party in 1948. A section of the Cannon-Pablo-Mandel Fourth International, the RSP had adopted the politics of the Workers Party USA, the Shachtman organisation. The “coalition” referred to is the Dublin government formed after the the February 1948 election in the 26 Counties.

Labour must withdraw from the Coalition! An Emergency Conference of the branches must be called to repudiate the leaders and demand their withdrawal. If on being directed to withdraw, they refuse — expulsion must follow.

Full support must be given to this policy by Northern Ireland Labour. The workers' interests can be defend only against all capitalist parties.

An all-Ireland conference should be called, giving representation and voice to all working-class tendencies, for the formulation of a programme linking the fight against partition with the anti-capitalist struggle.

1. Complete political independence from Britain. Transfer of the Westminster powers to a United Dail.

2. A wide degree of Protestant autonomy in Northern Ireland.

3. Restore all civil liberties. Full religious freedom and tolerance. No clerical intrusion into politics!

4. Solidarity with all peoples oppressed by British imperialism, Russia, or any other power. No secret commitments to Anglo-American imperialism.

5. Workers' Control in industry.

6. Finance housing and full employment at the expense of profits and rents.