Stations 35-Hour Week 2004-6

The struggle for the long-awaited 35-hour week for station staff, and how the unions failed to stop it bringing staffing cuts with it.

Rank-and-file Keep Stations Fight Alive

More thoughts following the recent reps' meeting

Rank-and-file union reps have made sure that RMT will keep fighting LUL’s attacks on station staffing levels.
At the recent reps’ meeting, the “top table” tried to persuade us that the latest draft rosters were the best we were going to get, and recommended that we accept them. But rep after rep outlined why their group’s rosters were not acceptable, and insisted that the union reject them and fight for more.

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Stations shorter working week: report from reps' meeting

Station side reps met together on Wednesday 2nd November to discuss the shorter working week negotiations.

Bobby Law and the functional council reps outlined where we were and stated that management were now unwilling to make any further concessions as regards the proposed rosters.

He said that LUL was claiming that agreement had been reached in 34 out of 44 groups. This surprised the meeting, as when it came to reports from local reps, there was only one group (Camden) whose members were happy with their rosters.

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Stations and Metronet: Time to Fight Back

- defend jobs - stop outsourcing - defend pensions -

Despite a few small concessions, the ‘new’ draft stations rosters are completely unacceptable. They will result in the displacement of staff; reduce staffing levels on stations, and so increase the level of stress, assault, and low morale.

It seems to us at Tubeworker than we should not be wasting our time trying to tinker with the rosters. LUL should withdraw these rosters and come back with rosters that give us a proper 35 hour week with no job cuts or displacements.

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Fight Station Staff Cuts

Well, there's a surprise (not). Management have come back with re-drafted stations rosters with a few posts given back. They are hoping that we will accept these because they are slightly less awful than the last lot. Unfortunately for LUL, we are not stupid and will not fall for this crass trick.

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