Workers' Liberty 3/15. How can we best help the Palestinians?

Debate Part 1: A Letter from the Editors of Against the Current: Nakba One, Two, Three?

The Jewish-Palestinian Arab conflict is one of the most complex political questions that confront the serious Marxist left. We publish an editorial from the US publication May-June 2007 issue of Against The Current, and a response from Sean Matgamna.

Debate Part 2: Reply — Pandering to the “absolute anti-Zionists”

Sean Matgamma

Dear comrades,

I want to discuss the “Letters from the Editors”, entitled “Nakba One, Two, Three?”, in the May-June 2007 issue of Against The Current.

It seems to me that one of the fundamental responsibilities of those who fight for a rational, working-class, socialist, and consistently democratic approach to the Jewish-Arab conflict is to work to counter the demonisation of Israel and the pervasive falsification of the history of the Israeli Jews, to banish it to the dunghill to which history has consigned the other products of Stalinism.